Persona 5 Royal: Nijima Palace Walkthrough

The sixth Palace of Persona 5 Royal belongs to Sae Nijima, the older sister of the Phantom Thief Makoto. Changing Sae’s heart has been Makoto’s goal for some time, but the reason the Thieves are focusing on Sae is that the law is closing in around them. With Sae on their side, Joker’s band of thieves can focus on catching the true culprit of the mental shutdown cases, but first, Sae must see the error of her ways.

Complicating matters is the fact that Goro Akechi, the second Detective Prince, has joined the Thieves on the condition that they disband after changing Nijima’s heart. The initial look at the Casino of Jealousy is somewhat complicated, and so this guide will begin with the 10/29 infiltration.


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The First Infiltration

Like previous Palaces in Persona 5 Royal, the Phantom Thieves take a quick peek inside before letting the player choose the date of the true infiltration. This peek takes place on 10/29, which is when the Phantom Thieves realize that, to Nijima, the Tokyo courthouse looks like a rigged casino.

For this Palace, Goro Akechi joins the team at level 45, and his fully manifested Persona is Robin Hood. Much like the Detective Prince from Persona 4, Akechi has access to Bless and Curse skills along with an Almighty attack that bypasses resistances and weaknesses.

The path into the casino is linear at first, including the section that involves jumping across ceiling decorations. There are several search objects along the way, but nothing substantial appears until Shadow Nijima spots the Thieves and challenges them to a contest. She then leaves, telling the Thieves to meet her on the Manager’s Floor. However, the elevator is locked, and the Thieves will need a Member’s Card to use it. After this discovery, a Shadow Guard will attack the party. This Ose miniboss is strong to most elements except Bless, and since Akechi can use that element, he has a chance to shine.

The initial infiltration ends with this battle, but before leaving, players should be sure to unlock the safe room located under the north stairs. There’s also a chest above the stairs that contains Confuse Vial S x3. With that done, it’s time to head back to the entrance.

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Main Floor

Persona 5 Royal Staff-Only Area

The Nijima Palace infiltration period begins on 10/30, and the hard deadline is 11/20. However, players will want to infiltrate the Palace earlier rather than later because this is another one that takes more than one day. For plot reasons, the calling card day is 11/18, no matter what, so 11/16 is the last possible day for players to start this infiltration.

When the Thieves return to the Main Floor, they’ll find Shadows patrolling the landings on either side of the elevator. Players will want to enter the side door on the north landing and enter the Staff-Only Area, which is where the Palace exploration really begins. The Shadows found on the Main Floor and Staff-Only Area include Unicorn, Kikuri-Hime, Power, Ose, and Valkyrie. In addition, the Treasure Demon for Nijima’s Palace is Orlov, and its weakness is Curse damage.

The path through the Staff-Only Area has a few side rooms and areas, but players will find nothing but search items until after they descend a staircase. Take a right from the stairs and cross under some pipes to find a chest with a Balm of Life inside. Players should then go left from the stairs and run straight ahead to reach the next safe room.

Next to the safe room is a set of stairs, and at the top is a powerful Shadow standing guard over a door. Just south of these stairs is a chest holding a Snuff Soul. Players can attack the Shadow directly, or they can bypass it by climbing the containers to the north of the stairs and using a vent to reach the hallway behind the door. The party can then open the door and ambush the Shadow from behind, and this is required since the Shadow is holding a Security Keycard; they’ll need to continue forward. The miniboss is a pair of Queen Mab Shadows, who are weak to Wind damage.

Before proceeding, players should head back to the safe room and check out the area between it and the stairs to the east. By crossing the boxes in this room, players will enter a corridor that ends with a locked door, but the Security Keycard will open it. Beyond it is the Red Jealousy Seed.

Back in the hallway guarded by the Queen Mab Shadows, players will find a door locked with a keycard and another door guarded by two Shadows. The guards are just a Unicorn and a Valkyrie, but behind the door they guard is a second door that’s locked from the inside. The Phantom Thieves need to get inside that room, which is why they need to get the Security Keycard first.

Behind the keycard door is a mostly empty room, but there’s a vent on the far wall that leads to a large security room. The Shadow inside is an unavoidable miniboss, so prepare accordingly. The miniboss is Ganesha, who is strong against Physical and Gun attacks but weak to Psy.

Once Ganesha goes down, the Thieves will get the Member’s Card they need to use the elevator, though thanks to a mix-up, they also get a second card. Furthermore, Futaba finds a map of the Main Floor, though there’s not much left to explore at this point. Players can now unlock the door to the security room, and even if players avoided the guards, they’ll have disappeared. The security room also has a second vent that leads to a side room, but all it contains is a single search object.

Either way, players who continue into the unexplored area will come across a second security room, this one full of human-like cognitions. Joker will automatically avoid going into this room, and he’ll continue to avoid it no matter how many times players try to go in.

The far exit of the Staff-Only Area returns the Thieves to the ceiling decoration area, and by doing so, they unlock a previously locked door. At this point, players should head back to the elevator and use it to reach the Members Floor.

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Members Floor

Persona 5 Royal Members Floor

Once players reach this floor, Shadow Nijima will appear once again and taunt the Phantom Thieves. To continue up, the Thieves will need a High Limit Card, and to buy one, they’ll need 50,000 coins. On the bright side, the Shadow Dealer in the Cashier booth will give the party a map and a complimentary 1,000 coins, and players can get 200 more from the present boxes by either exit. Players should also take a moment to unlock the safe room in this area.

At this point, players are free to explore either the dice area or the slots area. However, the Shadow Dealer will suggest visiting the dice area first, and there’s a good reason for this.

Dice Game Area

Persona 5 Royal Dice Game Area

The front rooms of the Dice Game Area are surprisingly peaceful. The presents in this region will give the party an extra 400 coins, and by entering the smaller rooms, Joker can bet on whether three dice will roll a high number or a low number. However, players should avoid doing so because the casino games in Nijima’s Palace are blatantly rigged against the gambler.

Instead, players should look for a way into the back rooms. The door is locked, but there’s a vent on the north wall that leads into another Staff-Only Area. The Shadows of this new region include Kushinada, Queen Mab, Ganesha, and Skadi as the new Savage Shadow. Like Girimehkala back in Okumura’s Palace, Skadi can take two turns each round, but on the bright side, she only repels Ice attacks. Skadi is also level 53, the highest level in the Palace.

Starting from the vent, follow the path around to reach a spot with a cage door to the north and a container to the west. Head across the containers to reach a small room with a locked chest, and inside it is a Baccarat Knuckle for Makoto.

In the southwest corner of this area is a grapple point, which leads up to a hallway patrolled by a Savage Shadow. Beyond the Shadow is a room with a chest containing a Black Rock, and on the far side is another hallway with another Savage Shadow. Players can jump down from the end of this hallway to a spot close to the area’s exit, making it a significant shortcut.

Players who want to fully explore this area should take the north staircase in the western section to an upper walkway that connects the west and east sections. This walkway also has another cognition-filled room that Joker won’t enter. Past the staircase on the far side is a large room, and there’s a grapple point on the north wall that leads to a third upper walkway. Follow the walkway to the stairs to find a chest containing Frost Magatama x3, then go back to the grapple point to leave since the stairwell is blocked.

Back on the main level, players can find a new safe room close to the other side of the blocked stairs. There’s a locked room south of the safe room, but players can get in by using a vent in the hallway to the room’s north. Inside the locked room is a chest with a Model Gun.

The area’s exit door leads to a hidden room on the other side of the dice gaming rooms. A Shadow guards it, which means the party will have to fight a miniboss battle against Nebiros. His weakness is Bless, but he can repel Curse attacks. Once he’s down, Futaba will fix the dice game in the Phantom Thieves’ favor, so unlock the door back to the front area, enter the indicated gaming room, and bet on a high number as many times as the game will allow. On the way out, Akechi and Ryuji will go back to win even more games, giving the party a total of 5,000 coins more than where they started.

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Slot Room

Persona 5 Royal Slot Room

Immediately after entering the Slot Room, a Shadow will attack the party. This Shadow is Jatayu, a bird-like Shadow with a weakness to Nuke damage. Jatayu also becomes a regular Shadow enemy starting in this area. Another new feature in this area is the Shadow Bunny. These enemies don’t include any unique Shadows, but the Shadows that do appear are always female.

Just past the ambushing Shadow is a new present with 200 coins, and on the left wall is a Terminal. The Terminal is on standby for now, but interacting with it will make it appear on the map. This will be useful later on. Players can also find a climbing spot behind a pillar on the north wall of this first room, and there’s a vent behind the pillar. However, it only leads to a locked door for now.

Past the first room is a hallway, and at the end of the hallway is a sealed door. Fortunately, an unsealed door is on the north wall. This door leads to stairs and an upper walkway, and the walkway ends with a staircase to the left and a place to jump down to the right.

Players should first descend the stairs and go straight ahead to inspect another Terminal and put it on the map. Next, climb the containers to the left of the terminal to find a grapple point. This leads to an upper walkway on the other side of the locked door from earlier. Players can open it and create a shortcut back to the entrance, plus there’s a chest in the locked room with a Hiranya inside.

Next, go back up the stairs and jump down on the west side of the upper walkway. Players can then jump up the containers to the right to find an alcove with a third Terminal and a chest containing Musk MA-LU. The containers to the left lead to a grapple point, and players can use this to reach the Green Jealousy Seed.

A vent next to the Seed door leads to the final hallway of this area, as does the door past the container stacks. Take the north hallway to find the last Terminal and unlock the Sealed Door, then exit the area using the door to the west.

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High-Stakes Slot Room

Persona 5 Royal Slot Room High Limit

In this room, players can interact with the slot machines to win some coins. However, just like the dice games, the machines are all rigged. This includes the giant slot machine with the 5,000-coin buy-in. The jackpot will give the Thieves enough coins to buy the High Limit Card they need (and this is why players must complete the Dice Game Area first), but step one is figuring out how to cheat the system.

First, though, players should climb the south divider behind the giant slot machine to open a chest with an Idaten Ofuda inside. They can then climb up the north divider to find a Control Terminal that sets the odds for the giant slot machine. To finish the hack, Futaba needs to access two more terminals in the main Slot Room, which is why it’s helpful to have them marked on the map.

Specifically, Futaba must access the green and red terminals. The red terminal is the one by the entrance, and the green terminal is the one next to the Musk MA-LU chest. After using both, the game allows players to teleport back to the high-stakes slot machine. Futaba will warn Joker that the odds aren’t perfect, but players should know that Joker will always win the jackpot.

After that, players should return to the Members Floor lobby and buy the High Limit Card. They should also have enough coins left over to buy the Soma and Bead Chain. However, a Shadow will appear to guard the elevator once Joker has the card. This miniboss fight is against Norn, who repels Electricity, drains Wind, and is strong to Bless. Players should try to use Technicals or Down Shot to defeat her quickly.

Players can now reach the High Limit Floor, but everything past the elevator is blocked by a giant wooden wall. To continue, Nijima must see the Phantom Thieves attending a court session, which means the first day’s infiltration is over.

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High Limit Floor

Persona 5 Royal High Limit Lobby

Like with Madarame’s Palace, the real-world event will automatically take place on the next day. Unlike with Madarame, the Phantom Thieves will immediately reenter Nijima’s Palace on the same day, and so players can complete the Casino infiltration in just two days.

Now with full access to the High Limit Floor, players should speak to the Shadow Dealer and collect the presents on either side of the counter to get another 1,500 coins. Next, climb the stairs behind the Dealer and enter the door to reach a balcony. A locked chest here contains a Royal Dagger for Joker, and the Bridge of Judgment console wants 100,000 coins to move the bridge and open the way to the Manager’s Floor.

Something else to do in this area is collect the last Will Seed. There are climbable platforms in the southwest and southeast corners of the lobby, and from them, Joker can grapple up to a set of circular platforms. Jump down from them onto the decoration on the south wall, climb up to the vent, and crawl through it to reach the last Will Seed room. The room is guarded by Baal, who’s weak to Nuke, is strong to Fire and Bless, and drains Wind.

The Blue Jealousy Seed will combine with the rest to form the Crystal of Envy, an item that gives the holder access to Masukukaja. Jose can upgrade it to the Ring of Envy, which gives the holder a free Concentrate at the start of combat, along with Gambler’s Foresight (which is just Masukukaja with a special animation).

Like the Members Floor, there are two activities on the High Limit Floor, and like before, players must complete them in a specific order. In this case, players will need 10,000 coins to enter the Battle Arena, so it’s off to the House of Darkness to get the needed tokens.


House of Darkness

Persona 5 Royal House of Darkness

After the Shadow Dealer explains the rules of the House of Darkness, players can go behind the south counter to unlock a new safe room. It’s not very useful since there’s a safe room back in the High Limit Floor lobby, but it can at least save players a few steps.

Upon entering the maze, the Thieves will discover that it’s even darker than the name suggested. In fact, it’s so dark that the map doesn’t work for this area. Fortunately, Third Eye can light up the floor so Joker can see where he’s going, and it highlights the wandering Shadows so players won’t get caught off-guard. New Shadows in this area include Rangda and Norn.

The first part of the maze is very linear, so follow the only path forward to reach a locked door. This is where Nijima expects the game to end, but Joker can crawl through a nearby vent to access a new room. There are three ways out of this room: a door, a second vent, and a corridor. Start by taking the vent or the door because both paths lead to a chest with a Ouija Board inside.

Next, take the corridor out. The path will eventually fork, so first turn left and open a door to find a chest with a Debilitator Ofuda inside. The right path will continue for some time and pass through several doors, but eventually, players will find themselves in a large room full of yellow neon signs. Once again, there’s a locked door blocking the way forward, but again players can find a vent by climbing up one of the yellow signs.

The next room has a door that leads to the same area as the second locked door, but players can also find a door on the north wall. This door leads to a room with a chest and a Black Kogatana, and the corridor keeps going back to the other side of the first locked door in the maze. Players can also find a vent in this area, but it’s just another way into the Kogatana room.

West of the maze is a fully lit and fully mapped room, and players can unlock the second locked door from this side. There’s a locked chest in this area that holds a Gambler’s Shirt, and the room past it has another locked chest containing Soul Food. This area also holds a safe room, and players should use it since they’ll have to fight a miniboss to get their 10,000 coins. In this case, the Shadow is Raja Naga and has no special weaknesses. After the fight, players get a chance to teleport back, or they can use the safe room to fast-travel back after exploring a bit more.

Battle Arena

Persona 5 Royal Battle Arena

The last major area of the Casino of Jealousy is the Battle Arena. By winning three fights, the Thieves can turn 10,000 coins into 100,000, but Joker must go into the fights alone. There’s another pointless save room in the Arena lobby, but players should use it to go back to the entrance if they think they don’t have the right Personas for this gauntlet.

The first fight is against two Ganesha Shadows (the fights are advertised as one-on-one, but of course, this casino cheats). Have a Persona with Psy damage ready to take them down.

The second fight is against three Rangda. Both Electricity and Bless attacks will work on them.

The last fight is against Thor. Thor will spend one round on Charge or Concentrate, wait one turn, and then unleash a powerful Physical or Electricity attack. The miniboss version of Thor has no weaknesses and drains Electricity, but he’s vulnerable to status ailments like Freeze.

With the Arena winnings in hand, players can head straight to the Bridge of Judgment. Shadow Nijima will try one last time to cheat the Shadow Thieves, but Akechi thought ahead and gets the Thieves past this last obstacle without any extra effort. The only thing left to do is cross the bridge and spot the Treasure, and this time only the boss awaits on the Treasure run.

Persona 5 Royal is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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