Open World, sci-fi sandbox heads to Xbox Game Pass in May ahead of Starfield

A rather interesting open world 2D sandbox game with a sci-fi setting titled Farworld Pioneers is headed to Xbox Game Pass next month.

The game appears to be a hybrid of genres such as managerial, RTS, exploration, and a slight bit of RPG thrown in for good measure.

Farworld Pioneers is an open world, sci-fi, 2D sandbox game that looks like it might be rather fun.

In the game, you will build a planet base for AI residents to live in, and it is up to you to keep them fed, happy, and safe. This is where your base design comes into play. If it is of poor design, the residents will be unhappy and leave the base.

The residents do more than live at the base because they provide much-needed labor to make the base thrive. You will delegate tasks such as having them help build a house, mine, process materials, and more. You can join them any time or leave them to it and go off adventuring. Just remember: power sources need fuel to run, and residents need food, so stay organized.

Once you have achieved everything you would like to do on one planet, you can build a ship with your colonists and launch into space to explore and find new biomes, resources, and technology.

The wealthier your settlement becomes, the more attention it will draw, so be sure to set up defenses to protect against raiders and space pirates.

Farworld Pioneers also features bosses, secrets, a full tech tree to unlock, and many other features, including a multiplayer mode with up to 32 others and PvP.

It releases on Xbox and with Xbox Game Pass on May 30 and is also coming to PS4 and Steam.

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